The Privateer Adventures

A new set of islands have been discovered in the west of Theah. The Vendel, the Montaignians, The Castillians, and the Avalonians have all staked their claims. These islands are rich in gold, silver and spices. And where there is money, there are people who want it.

Vendel and Avalon have formed a trade alliance referred to by most as The Accord to protect their interests. Montaigne and Castilla both have their own powerful fleets and see no need to ally with anyone. On all sides, there has been the rattling of sabers.

Peace yet prevails. War is most feared, as should either Montaigne or Castilla start a war, the Accord would tip the balances and eventually cut out both. The Accord starts no wars to prevent the two from allying as well. It would also disrupt the trade in the area.

This has not stopped the bloodshed. Men and women with a certain moral flexibility have flocked to the islands. Some have gone pirate, the dogs. Others have turned to something a bit different…Privateers. Each nation will higher anyone willing to unofficially give their neighbor a good black eye…and they’re willing to pay handsomely.

You’ve just arrived in this mess.

Find a ship. There’s money to be made.


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