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  • William Woodes

    *Age*: 30 *Nationality*: Avalon A man of Avalon and Captain of the Watch for Port choice. He's from Berg and as stoic as they come. He takes his job very seriously. He dislikes the scum of his city, but knows their place and his Governor's will.

  • Kees Van Ryen

    *Age*: 34 *Nationality*: Vendel Kees is the Secretary and Vice-governor of Øer Rikhart. He is a fat fool of a man who is commonly the butt of many jokes among the lower classes. He means well, but unfortunately annoys Regulator Rikhart more often …

  • Harris Strangways

    *Age*: 39 *Nationality*: Avalon Captain Strangways is the most respected and feared of the privateer captains. He's given a lot in five years to Port Choice, body parts and friends mostly. He remains successful and it keeps him popular. His …